Spring temps are happyning in Colorado, thank goodness, and I’m probably the most excited person ’round these parts!! I looooove warm weather!!! And I love my massage clients!!!

I don’t so much love what I see this time of year in my practice, a condition I call


Land Sharks?!?!?

Clients walk into my office, flip off those little pretend shoes and get busy telling me all about their lower leg pain, foot cramping, knee pain, or some combination of these symptoms. I listen carefully and then glance in the direction of the flops and ask, “Do you think it could be related to your choice of footwear?…”

Folks are reluctant to give up their flip-flops and I totally understand their preference for circulation on warm days!!!

Let’s just ponder a few points:

  1. NOT ALL SANDALS ARE CREATED EQUAL!!! Consider swapping your flops for footwear with straps around the ankles! Your little foot muscles won’t hafta work so hard to wear sandals and you won’t have all that tension building in your ankles, knees, hips, and back!
  2. FLIP-FLOPS ARE CASUAL FOOTWEAR!!!  You don’t hafta toss your flip-flops!! Just wear them when you aren’t standing for long periods of time and when you really are relaxing.  🙂  Maybe this’ll help motivate you to take it easy!!
  3. DO NOT SHOP IN FLOPS!!!  If you are going to walk around a store more than 5 minutes, you need more support than a flip-flop can provide!!

Enjoy that warm weather!!!  And give your healthy, happy feet the support that they need while you enjoy the air circulation you crave after a long winter of boots-wearing!