A friend of mine once remarked, “You’re always smiling.  It’s like you’ve got some big secret…” and I reckon my big secret is that I hold close to my heart a daily intention to be happy and healthy.  It keeps me in a positive state of mind and I figure that’s the best way to help others.

Here are my top 3 daily good habits:

  1. Drink WATER: Humans are ~70% water and we must drink water every day to stay hydrated.  The general recommendation for water intake is 8 glasses per day, but if you exercise regularly, you should drink more.  Here’s a handy online calculator for determining how much water you should drink daily: http://www.calculatorslive.com/Daily-Water-Intake-Calculator.aspx
    Keep Hydrated

    Keep Hydrated by Tom Swasey


  2. Take a WALK:  When you’re taking a 15-minute break from work, use that time to walk around.  Walking can cure headaches, alleviate feelings of stress, and rejuvenate your spirit.  Grab a friend and get caught up a bit during your daily “Walk and Talk” and you’ll be more likely to continue this good habit.
  3. SMILE at yourself:  Mirrors are all around and we use them to check makeup, hair-dos, and hair-don’ts (like nose hairs and chin hairs), but how often do you smile at what you see?  You might  feel silly doing this the first few times, but if you make an effort to smile at yourself daily, you’ll start to see a star staring back at you.

I challenge you to try this for a week.  If you do, lemme know if it works for you, too!